New English File Pre Int End of Course Vocab Revision Test

English File Pre Intermediate Revision Test




Choose the best one

  • Which one can’t you wear?

a) moustache     b) belt   c) coat   d) dress

  • Which one can’t you wear?

a) trainers     b) trousers  c) scarf   d) carpet

  • I have a _____________________ room. I stay alone.

a) sociable   b) compatible  c) crowded  d) separate

  • Which one is not about weather?

a) foggy   b) cloudy  c) noisy   d) sunny

  • What is opposite of “argue”?

a) discuss   b) give up  c) understand  d) get on well

  • Which one is a disaster?

a) earthquake   b) questionnairec) brake  d) speech

  • What is opposite of “arrive”?

a) get    b) delay  c) put off  d) leave

  • What is the synonym of “door”?

a) gadget   b) sign   c) security  d) gate

  • Which one is about shopping?

a) passenger   b) trolley  c) paradise  d) road rage

  • What is the synonym of “predict”?

a) forget   b) remember  c) guess  d) know

  • Which one is wrong?

a) do homework  b) do shopping  c) do washing upd) do plans

  • Which one is wrong?

a) make exercise  b) make bed  c) make a phone calld) make lunch

  • Which one is not about shopping?

a) customer   b) delivery  c) item   d) reputation

  • “They go ________________.” Which one cannot be put into the blank?

a) mosque   b) museum  c) architecture  d) cathedral

  • What is the opposite of “buy”?

a) sell    b) fail   c) borrow  d) learn


  • “Don’t worry. I will ___________ your bike.” Which one cannot be put into the blank?

a) mend   b) teach  c) find   d) replace

  • Which one is not about marriage?

a) get engaged   b) wedding  c) episode  d) bride

  • Which one is not an occupation/job?

a) psychoanalyst  b) towel   c) chef   d) accountant

  • What is the synonym of suggest?

a) advise   b) obtain  c) survive  d) breathe

  • What is the synonym of situation?

a) circumstance   b) honeymoon  c) drug   d) memory

  • Which one is not an animal?

a) bull    b) feature  c) crocodile  d) jellyfish

  • Which one is a sea animal?

a) goat    b) shark  c) pig   d) rabbit

  • I can’t believe he ______________ the lottery.

a) float   b) bite   c) suck    d) won

  • In Turkish culture young people must ____________ the elders.

a) base   b) design  c) respect   d) retire

  • __________________ is used by the police all over the world.

a) board game

b) The bullet-proof vest

c) disposable nappies

d) cash machine

  • ___________________ is the study of computing

a) physical education

b) religious education

c) Top floor flat

d) Information technology

  • Education is ________________until 18 or 19 in many countries.

a) compulsory  b) curious  c) indecisive   d) dehydrated


  • They will ________________ you if you try to cheat.

a) blame  b) disqualify  c) beat    d) insult

  • Which one is not about sport?

a) hockey  b) referee  c) defeat   d) gossip

  • Which one is not a technological device?

a) microwave  b) robber  c) cell phone   d) computer

  • What is the synonym of fill in?

a) confuse  b) complete  c) behave   d) discover

  • What is the synonym of find out?

a) invent  b) spoil   c) learn    d) overcome

  • I want to _______________when I graduate from university.

a) get a ticket  b) get nervous  c) get an email   d) get a job

  • She’s a student but she has a part-time job to ___________.

a) borrow money b) earn money  c) lend Money   d) lose Money

  • A ____________is when there is too much water in a river and it comes onto the streets or fields.

a) forest fire  b) storm  c) flood    d) cyclone

  • ______________the answer to me, so no one can hear.

a) Obtain  b) Cure   c) Shout   d) Whisper

  • Tins used to be opened with difficulty using a knife and a_____________.

a) hammer  b) bat   c) twin    d) track

  • What shall we eat for____________?

a) coach  b) supper  c) contract   d) options

  • Which one is not about illness?

a) disease  b) cure   c) sick    d) feature

  • What is the synonym of expect?

a) push   b) receive  c) repair   d) hope








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