Cambridge Unlock 2 Vocabulary Revision Test

Cambridge Unlock 2 Vocabulary Revision Test

Unlock 2 R&W Vocabulary Revision Test




Choose the best one

  • I have a _____________________ room. I stay alone.

a) sociable   b) compatible  c) crowded  d) separate

  • What is opposite of “argue”?

a) discuss   b) give up  c) understand  d) get on well

  • Which one is a disaster?

a) earthquake   b) questionnairec) brake  d) speech

  • What is the synonym of “predict”?

a) forget   b) remember  c) guess  d) know

  • What is the synonym of suggest?

a) advise   b) obtain  c) survive  d) breathe

  • What is the synonym of situation?

a) circumstance   b) honeymoon  c) drug   d) memory

  • In Turkish culture young people must ____________ the elders.

a) base   b) design  c) respect   d) retire

  • What is the synonym of find out?

a) invent  b) spoil   c) learn    d) overcome

  • What is the synonym of expect?

a) push   b) receive  c) repair   d) hope

  • What is the synonym of “look after”?

a) take care  b) give up  c) take after   d) go on

  • What is the synonym of “improve”?

a) support  b) educate  c) develop   d) control

  • What is the synonym of “complicated”?

a) natural  b) confusing  c) overweight   d) huge

  • What is the synonym of “drop”?

a) fall   b) increase  c) train    d) support

  • A ____________is when there is too much water in a river and it comes onto the streets or fields.

a) forest fire  b) storm  c) flood    d) earthquake

  • What is the synonym of “expert”?

a) professional  b) original  c)simple   d) ancient

  • I won a _______________. Which one cannot be put into blank?

a) trophy  b) match  c) tournament   d)  time

  • Which one is not about illness?

a) disease  b) cure   c) sick    d) feature

  • What is the synonym of “rescue”?

a) save   b) inspire  c) trap    d) wonder

  • What is the synonym of “talented”?

a) confident  b) gifted  c) patient   d) intelligent

  • We _______________ our son’s birthday at the weekend.

a) created  b) joined  c) celebrated   d) supported

  • Which one is not about internet?

a) download  b) email  c) networks   d) reason

  • What is the synonym of “discover”?

a) find out  b) take part in  c) fall down   d) fill in

  • Please let me _____________ you the truth.

a) protect  b) explain  c) cover    d) cause

  • What is the synonym of “increase”?

a) last   b) wrestle  c) rise    d) knit

  • He is ___________. He can’t see anything.

a) honest  b) kind   c) reliable   d) blind

  • Which one is not about space?

  • alien  b) orbit   c) solar    d) jumper

  • What is the synonym of competitor?

  • rival b) race c) marathon d) product



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